Tuesday, October 20, 2009

27 Years Old Today!!

Today is my birthday!!! Wow! 27 years old? How can that be? I still feel like I am 18. I mean, I feel like I could show up and hang out at the sorority house with all the other 18 year olds (like I used to) and still fit right in. Then, I listen to that statement and think...yeah right, I'll just roll up with my baby on my hip and won't look out of place at all! So, I guess I do fit the role of a 27 year old and I will take it!

To celebrate this weekend Ella and I loaded up and headed to Wichita Falls to spend some time with my mom and to attend Trey's Mother's surprise birthday party. (Her birthday is the day after mine)Trey ended up not being able to go because he got a side job, so he stayed and worked.

Friday night I went out to eat with two of my best friends, Beth and Julie. We had such a good time eating and catching up and Ella just entertained all of us. Then, of course after dinner was over we had to have a photo op.

Saturday morning I went to Trey's Mom's birthday party, then my sister came in town and we loaded up the kids to take their pictures at the pumpkin patch. Ella fell asleep on the car ride over, so I knew she was exhausted. However, we got out of the car and I put her next to this cute little wagon and took a few photos. She was doing great!

She examined and stared and you could just tell she was thinking 'What are these weird little things and can I put one in my mouth without my Mom taking it away'. So, she tried, and I took it away. Hey, you never know until you try, right?

Then all of a sudden she sat down on the ground and just began to cry that 'Momma I am exhausted and I want you to pick me up' cry. I picked her up and she stopped immediately. I thought to myself, okay she was just sick of being there and just wanted to move somewhere else. So, I took her over by the hay bells and sat her down to take her picture...and here it came again.

POOR THING!!! This is the only picture I have of her without someone holding her. She was just so tired! I felt so bad. My mom stepped in and took her picture with Ella. Isn't this cute? Ella was a little distracted with all of that fun stuff to look at, so she wouldn't really look at the camera, but my Mom's eyes are open. That in itself is a miracle. Here is my sister with Caleb and me with Ella. Caleb wasn't really in to the whole pumpkin patch pictures either. Good thing we were planning on diong another session in Dallas anyways.

Me and my sweet, sweet girl!
After about 15 minutes, Ella having a couple of meltdowns, Caleb kicking and throwing pumpkins, two stressed out Mom's and one stressed out Granny we decided this trip needed to end fast. So, we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant and ate some delicious food.

After that we headed home, Ella took a much needed nap and me and Mom watched 'The Proposal'. It was such a cute movie! Caleb was a little bored, so he decided to entertain himself by playing dress up.

Do you see those boots? Those are the same boots I had on at the pumpkin patch that go up to my knees and have 3" heels, and yes...Caleb put them on without any prompting from his Mother or me. So, of course I had to take a picture.

Sunday my mom cooked fried chicken, she makes the best fried chicken ever, and a chocolate dessert and I opened my presents. Here is what I got...

Cute yellow dress from Mom

Cute shirt from Mom, the one I got is turquoise, but you get the gist.

Fun Purple Shirt from Mom.

A pair of skinny jeans from Mom (Did you guess that?).

And my Mom, Brother & Sister-In-Law, and Sister & Brother-In-Law got me a new lense for my camera!!! YAY!!!!

I had such a great time, but by Monday I was WORN OUT and I hadn't seen Trey since Thursday night so I was ready to get home.

Trey, Ella and I went to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday. He came home from work with some beautiful flowers and a card (I already got my presents from him on Thursday before I left town because I couldn't wait, I will post pictures of those tomorrow, right now I am tired).

So, all in all it was a great 27th birthday and I got to spend it with two of my favorite people.

Also, my best friend Summer's birthday was today too. It is always fun to get to see what each other is doing and what we got. We always seem to get money and clothes, what better presents are there?? =) Happy Birthday Summer!!!


Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday! I love your gifts!

Josh and Shan said...

That picture of Ella is hilarious!! I love the clothes!!

Random Rodriguez Ramblings said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love your yellow dress!!! SUPER cute!

Amanda said...

So glad you had a Happy Birthday and a great Birthday weekend! Welcome to 27!