Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Birthday Photos

This morning I took Ella's birthday pictures for the third time! So, let's backtrack and see how the first two went, shall we.

Yesterday afternoon I got her all dressed up in her birthday outfit and we went in our backyard to take her pictures. She was just not feeling it. She didn't really want to smile, or stand up, or anything. I only tried for about minutes and then just thought I would wait for Trey to get home. See how non-interested she looks!

That night I dressed her up again and we tried again. Now, I get get some really cut pictures with her smiling, but I am just not a huge fan of taking pictures indoors. Outdoors is so much better. I just thought this picture was so funny! We put her in her rocking chair, which she usually loves, and this is what she did. She reminds me of a 13 year old slinking back in their chair saying 'Mom, this is so not cool!'. Haha!

Eventually, this is what happened. She was D-O-N-E!

This morning I woke up and was bound and determined to get some cute pictures though. And sure enough, we got a ton! She was feeling better and was in such a good mood! I love this one!

I remember when it used to be hard to take her picture when she started crawling because she wouldn't be still. Well, now we have the problem of walking. I would get her to stand up and back up to take the picture and she would start to follow! It was so cute. I love that she is starting to walk. She is up to EIGHT steps now!!!

Clapping because she was so happy! I love her bright blue eyes!

I am finally finished with her birthday invitations. I am picking them up tomorrow morning and I am just going to hand them out to everyone at Christmas. I know, lazy not to mail them, but I am such a procrastinator at mailing things, plus with Christmas and the new year and all that entails with the mail system, I figure they will get out a lot quicker this way. Yay! Now to design the cake and get someone to make it! It is so hard to plan Christmas and her birthday all at the same time. Maybe we can plan baby #2's birthday out a little better!