Thursday, December 17, 2009

Date Nights

This past Friday night our church had nursery workers appreciation night and offered childcare for two and a half hours so parents could do some Christmas shopping, go on a date, whatever. We didn't think we were going to do it at first, but then we decided we were going to go on a date! This was our first night out just the two of us since Ella was born. Yes, we have gone to a few things since Ella has been here, but never just Trey and I.

We dropped Ella off at 6:00 ad went to eat at Texas Land & Cattle. Trey and I both had steaks and they were soooo good. After eating we headed over to Bass Pro Shop to get a Christmas present for one of the guys in our family. This year we are doing the game where everyone draws numbers and #1 gets to open a present and #2 can open a present or steal #1's. The boys are doing hunting/man things and the girls are doing home accessories. I really like the present I bought and really don't want to give it away! After that we headed to Hobby Lobby so I could buy some ribbon and then it was off to get Ella. She was so excited to see us and she had wrecked the baby room! The workers told me she had scattered all the toys around the room. Of course she did, that is what she does at home! She is not happy until all of her toys are out of the basket we keep them in, then she scatters them! I was glad to see she felt comfortable enough to act like herself!

We had such a good time hanging out and talking just the two of us. It was amazing to me that I actually got to eat food without interruptions. That hasn't happened around here in a LONG time!
Saturday night we babysat Ella's cousin, Hunter. It was Kyle & Jennie's 6 year anniversary so they went out to dinner and let us play with Hunter. Ella loves Hunter, but she does not like that she can not hold him and play with him like her other babies. I mean, this baby is so life-like she can't resist!!! Unfortunately we see how she treats her babies, so there was so way we could let her get too close. We let her touch him a couple of time, but she really is like Godzilla!! It was her nap time though she she went to sleep and Trey and I played with Hunter until his parents came and got him. I just know they are going to be good friends and I can't wait until Hunter starts sitting up and crawling so they can interact more!Sunday night we had our Sunday School's Christmas party. Shoot! I forgot to take pictures of Trey and I or the party for that matter. Well, we had a great time! And we had a great mom!!! She drove in to spend some time with Ella and keep her for us. She bought Ella a new baby doll and Ella just loves it! They had a great time while we were out. On Monday mom and I went shopping and out to eat before she had to leave to beat 5 o'clock traffic. We also took Ella to see Santa Clause and that didn't go so well. See the following post.
Poor thing was scared to death of Santa. I really didn't think she would cry, but boy was I wrong. I thought if I sat up there with her she would stop...NOPE! We are going to try and take her again and see if she does better. If not, oh well, I think they are great pictures and will provide lots of laughs in the future when she looks back on them!

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Kyle and Jennie said...

My my what a pretty little boy. His momma must be so proud! Haha! I love that picture will you send it to me?

I am glad that you guys had fun on your date nights.