Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree - 2nd Edition!

Okay, so when I posted pictures of my Christmas Tree on Kelly's Korner Tree Tour, I wasn't too crazy about my tree. I wasn't finished with it yet and to be honest, I just didn't really like it. I loved it last year, but things change. This year I wanted to have a green & red tree, but I have a million amber ornaments, so what is a girl to do? Yep, that's right, put up two trees! So, I talked to Trey and told him my grand scheme and he said "That's stupid". Well, did I let that stop me?

Of course not!! After church on Sunday we went and bought another tree. We just bought a small 6' tree and put it up in our living room. Our big tree is in the dining room. I have also decided it is not big enough. We need at least a 9 footer in there, so I think I will buy that after Christmas is over so I can get a good deal. Guess what that means? Yep, I might just put up three trees next year! Hahahaha! So, it isn't finished yep, but these two little photos are a good sneak peak. I love it! It makes me feel like Christmas is really here!

And all of the ornaments are 'shatter proof'...we'll see! And I used ribbon instead of hooks since it is in the room where Ella and I spend most of our time. So far she has left it alone though. I picked her up and let her examine it while I held her, after about 20 seconds she was over it and back to playing with her baby. She is such a good girl!

I did make some changes to the main three though. I took down the ugly ribbon that I didn't even like. I am not sure why I put it up. And I added this to the top. Again, Trey said "That is stupid" and again, it did not stop me. I figure I don't give him advice on hunting, he doesn't need to give me advice on decorating.

I still want to add more to it, but I think I might have spent more than enough on Christmas decorations this year. I am not good at doing a little at a time. I want it all right now! If it isn't to yucky outside tomorrow Ella and I just might go shopping and finish both trees and you will get the full view. I am sure you are just on the edge of your seat dying of anticipation!!

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The Richardson's said...

Love it. I really am anticipating it!