Monday, December 21, 2009

Holly Jolly Christmas

This weekend Trey's parents and Grandmother came in town to visit. We went out to eat and visited with some of their family and came back to our house and we all played with Ella. She just hates all the attention, can't you tell!? Ella and her Gigi (great grandmother).
Ella and her grandmother. Robin can't decide on a name that she wants to be called that Trey and I like, so for now she is Grandmother. When Ella starts talking Robin's name will be whatever Ella decides. Her Grandad is getting her!
And the boys. Ella looks like she is just chillin'.

Our little girl has been a little under the weather lately. She has yucky snot and is congested, but no fever thankfully. I am hoping it is just a cold and will pass. Unfortunately it looks like all the kissing I do on her has caught up and I too don't feel so great! Yuck! Just in time for Christmas!
On a very excited note though, I just picked up her first birthday shirt that was being embroidered by one of my wonderful friends, Jennifer. (Side note...I am seriously envious of Jennifer's sewing/embroidery machine and will probably have to snag one for myself. I say that very casually except for the fact that the thing is like $750. So, I may not be running and picking up one tomorrow, but soon enough it will be mine!!!) Tomorrow we are going to take Ella's one year pictures and get those babies put on an invitation and get them sent out (I hope it all goes so smoothly). Her party is in two weeks, but with Christmas coming I have been sooo distracted! Oh well, I am making some progress now! I can't wait to show you the pics we take.

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