Thursday, December 10, 2009

Step In The Right Direction

Wow! It has been a really lazy week here at the Calhoun house. It has been so cold outside so I haven't wanted to go anywhere and take Ella outside. Plus she has had a stuffy nose so I just thought she needed to stay indoors. I like the cold weather because it feels more like Christmas time, but it really puts a damper on my activities. I love going walking ever day and I haven't been able to. We would always end our walk by going to the park and swinging because Ella loves her some swinging!

On the up side, Ella and I have gotten in some serious snuggle time and play time. We have also been practicing walking a lot. I hold her hands and we do laps around the house! Well, guess what she did tonight? She took FIVE steps all by herself!!!! She was standing up holding on to the breakfast room chair and I put my arms out for her to come to me and she walked to me. Then she did it three more times to me and twice to Trey! I know she can walk because you should see this girl cruise along the furniture.

I am even more determined now to get her to walk. I really want her walking by her first birthday, which is in less than a month! I spent last night designing five options for her birthday card, so I may post those bad boys on here and see what y'all think. I also need to design her cake and get someone to make it. I think my sister in law, Jennie's, Dad is going to do it. He owns a bakery and made her a cute cake for her graduation.

Tomorrow I am going to do some shopping and hope to have my trees DONE! So hopefully I will be able to post pics of them soon.

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The Veals said...

haha! No Im not pregnant but it sounds like it! No we might me moving to wichita, justin takes the fireman test next month so we will see. I am dieing to go to Canton! Ive heard so much about it, maybe one weekend we can come up there and go together. no, Jaina is actually kinda scared of her pink cow, it doesnt really interest her right now, but its cute! And I cant believe Ella started walking! YAY for her! Watch out, now you really will be running after her.