Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving In The Falls

Well, Trey, Ella and I packed up and headed to Wichita Falls on Wednesday night. We arrived around 8:00 at night, ate and then went to sleep. Thursday we went over to Trey's parents for Thanksgiving lunch and stayed over there all day. Thursday night my brother, Jennie, and Hunter got to town and we chatted, played with the babies and finally went to sleep around 11. I say finally because the boys were going deer hunting the next day and were going to be waking up at 3:30 so they could drive two and a half hours to their deer lease and get in a morning hunt. Trey had about 4 hours of sleep, so I know he was exhausted.

Friday Jennie, Hunter, me, Ella and Mom finally got the babies up, ready, fed, and happy at about 2 in the afternoon. Ha! None of that Black Friday waking up at 4:00 a.m. nonsense here! We did actually go do a little shopping though. Not really for any deals, just to get out of the house and do something. I got a cute pair of shoes, Ella two outfits (because we all know she doesn't have any!), Jennie got some Christmas presents for her family, we ate at Olive Garden and came home around 5 to put the babies back to sleep. That night my sister and her son drive to Wichita and boy was the house crowded. Two babies, one rambunctious three year old, four adults, 5 dogs, and 100 toys all strown around the house!

Saturday I went over to the in-laws house and let them play with Ella for a little while before it was nap time again. We went home, she napped and Jennie and I headed to Toys R Us while Mom tended to the babies and we did a little Christmas shopping for the kids. This is what my parents are going to give her for Christmas. I think it is so cute and I can't wait to play with her in it!

That night I went out to eat with to of my best friends, Beth and Julie and we had a great time. Ella wore her new outfit and was a hit at the restaurant!

Sunday the boys returned from the hunt and we finally had our Thanksgiving lunch. With four more adults added to the house it was even more crowded and turned into a crazy house! We also celebrated my brother's 29th birthday!

Ella wasn't very interested in the presents, but she sure loved the boxes!

She also loved swinging.

Hunter was wearing my favorite shirt! I bought this for Caleb when he was a baby and now it has been passed on to Hunter. Yes, it does say 'Mmmm...Boobies'. Perfect for a breastfeeding boy! Well, really any boy for that matter. I think it might be tacky though if Trey walked around with a shirt like that!

Granny getting in a few snuggles before they headed home. I love going home for the Holidays, but this year it was very stressful with a baby who only likes to sleep in her bed, lots of errands to run, and a three year old who seems bound and determined to hurt my baby. I think I only got about 4 hours of sleep a night because I too like my own bed and when I would finally fall asleep Ella would wake up. Every time I would wake up though I would see the light from under the door across the hall so I knew Jennie was awake too! We were both exhausted come Sunday!

I have caught up on sleep though, Ella is still working on it. I have also almost finished decorating for Christmas and I am so excited about my new decorations. I can't wait to post pictures once I finish!

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Kyle and Jennie said...

I cannot wait to see your mantel!