Friday, January 15, 2010

12 Month Check Up

This morning Ella and I headed to the doctor for her 12 month check up. We go to Dr. Susan Smart at Lake Ray Hubbard Pediatrics in Rowlett, Texas and I just love her. I also like that the office has a sick waiting area and a well waiting area with different entrances. We waited for about 15 mintues and there was another cute little girl in a leopard dress with her Mother and brother and Ella was quite fond of them. She kept waving and smiling at the little boy. I tell you, we are in for it!

Miss priss got to stand on the scale for the first time, instead of laying on the baby scale. I had been wondering about that because I knew there was no way she fit on that anymore! She now weighs 24.8 pounds and is in the 90th percentile for weight. She has gained 1 pound since her 9 month check up. She was my little chuncky girl, but she is thinning out. She was measure once we got on the room and she is 32-1/2" long and is off the charts for height. My little sheet where they write the info down for me says >100%!! I have a big baby!

Dr. Smart came and checked her out and she performed well. She clapped and waved, said mama, dada, hi and bye. She did some walking, then it was time for her exam. She said she just looks perfect. I couldn't agree more. Then, came the bad part. Two shots!! She had to get the MMR and Chickenpox. My girl did not like those at all and cried hard with some big tear drops for about 30 seconds. I gave her a yogurt melt and then she was all good and we were ready to go home. We have spent the day cuddling and giving her extra yogurt for being such a good girl at the doctor.

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Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, that Leopard outfit on her is just darling!