Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday Planning

This afternoon Ella and I went and ran a lot of errands to get ready for her birthday. We went and picked out her cake. It is the cutest thing EVER!!! I am so excited about it! I love cute cakes. So, of course for Ella's First Birthday she needs the cutest. It is so cute I really am not going to want to cut it. I can't wait to show you all pictures.

Then we went EVERYWHERE looking for a nice hot pink round cloth tablecloth. Wow...who knew that would be so hard. We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, TJ Max, Kohls, JCPennys, Belk, Target, & WalMart. Finally I just came home and ordered one off the internet. I am not a huge fan of doing that because I am so picky about colors & it is hard to tell the exact color on a computer screen. Oh well, I am out of places to look!

And since everyone should have gotten their invitation by now, here they are. I just love them! I couldn't really find something I liked, so I made my own in Photoshop and I love how they turned out. Her cake is going to have all these colors on it. Isn't she too cute in her tutu? And speaking of Miss Independent. This morning when we started I could not put her down. She wanted me to hold her. Now, I LOVE holding her, but after getting her in & out of the car, walking around and shopping 25 pounds gets to be pretty heavy. I tried to get her to walk, but she wouldn't. After our third stop Miss Independent did not want to be held any more. She wanted to walk and show off her new found Independence. At JCPenny there were three boys with their mom, ranging in age from 5-9. Ella made a beeline straight for them and was just waving and giggling. OH NO!!!! She is my daughter! I tried to pick her up and leave the boys alone and she just cried! Already at the age of 11 months she loves boys. Her Dad is going to have a hard time when she is 16!

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