Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am sure you have noticed that there is hardly ever a picture of Ella without a bow on. And usually if she isn't wearing a bow, it is because she is still in her pajamas around the house! When she was first born I bought her bows, a TON of them. Then, I started wanting more fun bows to really match her outfits, but all the cute boutique bows were $20 or more!! So, I started making hers. I love them and she gets compliments on them all the time, so now I have decided to start selling them. This will be my first attempt to spread the word!

This brown/pink bow is 4" wide, so it is considered a Medium bow. All of the bows Ella wears are Mediums. The medium bows with more than one ribbon are $10.
This bow is 4-1/2" wide. It has the pink stitched grosgrain ribbon, a pink/white large polka dot grosgrain ribbon and a pink/white small polka dot satin ribbon. It is $10.

This is a Large bow, 5" wide. It has zebra grosgrain and purple satin. It is $12. This is an example of a Medium single ribbon bow with a pattern. $6And this is the Medium single ribbon bow, solid color. $6All bows have an alligator clip. I can do any size bow in any color combination/ solid or patterned customized to your needs! Here is just a small sample of the ribbons I have. Don't see something, just ask!

I love cute big bows and I love making them for my baby girl, so even if no one is interested I will still make them...she will just have a TON!! =)


Jenn said...

Ahh! I am the same way about my little girl - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bows!! Those are SO cute! I might have to purchase some off of ya ;)

The Johnsons said...

If I have a girl, I am hitting you up for some bows! They are sooo cute!