Thursday, January 14, 2010

Show Us How You Live

This week over at Kelly's Korner it is Weight Loss Tips, Diets, & Workout Ideas. Having had a baby in January, I definitely needed to loose the 28 pounds I put on with pregnancy + a few pounds I had previously put on from married bliss. (We had only been married for about 7 months when we got pregnant and after going through bridal boot camp to get in shape for the wedding, I had stopped all attempts at working out!) These are the things that helped me loose it all.

#1 for new moms only (Sorry, you just can't do this unless you have just had a baby) Breastfeed! I am a total breastfeeding advocate for many reasons, one very selfish reason is that it speeds up your metabolism, which in turn helps you loose weight.

#2 again, for new mommas (Sorry again!) Strap your baby to you in a sling, baby carrier, whatever whenever possible. I would vacuum with her attached, go walking daily, and really just anytime I was up and about I had her strapped to me. I still do this sometimes except now she weighs 25 pounds so it is a little harder on my back. The extra weight on helps the intensity of the walks though.

#3 I did this workout

I for one have never been a fan of work out videos, but my sister introduced me to this. When it comes to working out I like to run or lift weights or do the elliptical or something along those lines. I have also never really tried a video that was all that hard. This one is 20 minutes long and I was SWEATING by the time it was over. The level three is ridiculous. It is an amazing workout. Too bad my abs still don't look like that!

So, this is what worked for me. I still have about 10-15 pounds I want to loose and I will be close to my high school weight! Unfortunately having a baby completely changed my body make up so I won't be fitting into what I used to. Oh well, I think she is worth it. See...


Evan and Nicole said...

I love your blog!! I loved seeing all of Ella's first birthday pictures!I am planning Audrey's 1st birthday right now and am working on decorations.

I am from Dallas (Richardson) my parents live in Sachse - I saw that you live in Rowlett- on your profile. My husband grew up in Lubbock/Amarillo and his grandparents still live in Lubbock.

His whole family graduated from Texas Tech, but we both graduated from Texas A&M.

We live in Houston now... I miss Dallas so much, but I know God definitely has a plan for us here. We visit often though!

So nice to meet you!!!:)

The Richardson's said...

No dress size beats that cute lil Miss Thang!