Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a nice slow weekend here at the Calhoun house. Friday night Trey got home, we ate dinner and turned off the TV and didn't turn it on again until after Ella was asleep. We spent the entire time playing, reading, laughing and tickling. It was so much fun and I would like to try and do at least one night a week like that. Ya know, it is all about Miss Priss at this house.

Saturday morning Trey woke up and headed off to do some side work all day. We missed him, but side work means extra money, which I love! He finally got home and I started cooking dinner for a couple in our Sunday school class who just had a new baby girl. I cooked swiss cheese chicken, which is chicken (duh!), then layered with swiss cheese, cream of chicken soup and topped with herb seasoned bread crumbs. This used to be my go to meal, but I have made it so many times I just can't eat it anymore, but everyone loves it. I also took some green beans and brownies. They have a little boy named Gregory who is 18 months old and Ella just loved him! They played very well together while we were over there visiting and I got to hold their new baby girl Addison for about 1 minute until she decided she did not want me to hold her!
Afterwards, we went and ate at Kyoto (a sushi/hibachi restaurant) and there was another little boy at our table who was 18 months old and Ella loved him too! Watch out boys!! I thought Ella would be more into the show, but all she cared about was the boy.

This morning we woke up and went to church. We had been in Sunday school about 15 minuted when the nursery director came to our Sunday school class and said they needed help in Baby room D, which is the room Ella is in. So, we and two other girls jumped up and headed to help. I was thankful that Ella was not one of the babies that was upset. After Sunday school was over Trey came down to the room to get me to go to big church. Unfortunately Ella decided that since Momma had been with her all morning, she wasn't about to be separated. My friend Jamie tried to distract her so I could sneak out, but Ella caught me and just sobbed. So, of course I wasn't going to let my sweet girl cry so we didn't make it to big church. Here's my sweet girl getting ready for church. She wasn't into posing this morning!
What is this face? HA!
I was a little disappointed, but knew Ella wasn't going to give in easily. The rest of today we have just hung out and taken it easy. We did go running as a family though this afternoon. We ran about a mile and walked a mile and a half. I am going to try to do this at least three times a week.

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Kimberly said...

I love Kennedy's little skirt! she is so cute!