Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ella's First Christmas

Well, I am just now getting around to posting pictures of our baby girls first Christmas. Our computer has a serious virus and is getting fixed next week. So, we have got my parents old computer and are using that for the time being.
Christmas did not go as planned here at the Calhoun house. My family was supposed to come over Christmas day for lunch and open presents; however, Wichita Falls had record breaking snowfall and my parents couldn't make it into town, so it was just Trey, Ella and me. We woke up and let her open her presents. She was more timid about ripping the paper than I thought she would be. She kept looking at me like 'Is it okay that I am doing this because when I do this to the toilet paper you always tell me No?'. We had such a good day and just played all day long.

She finally got into it and then started climbing on the boxes and ripping them up.
We only got her two presents this year because #1 - The girl has EVERYTHING! #2 - She is only 11 months and really doesn't know what is going on #3 - Her birthday is right around the corner. I am sure next year we will do more, but this was good for her first year. She loves the drum she got.

And look what my hubby got me. Yes, jewelery, and double yes, diamonds! It will actually go on my right hand, but when you are right handed it is hard to take a picture of your right hand with your left hand. So no, it is not a replacement for my wedding rings, it is a right hand ring. Two years ago he got me a calendar and a figurine. Last year I bought myself a pair of shoes. This year he did much better.

My parents were able to make it down on Saturday, so we had a delicious lunch and opened presents. My mom was so happy to see Ella.
Dad brought a cowboy hat to show Caleb. Caleb really likes cowboys right now and even wore his Toy Story cowboy boots.

Ella once again enjoyed jumping on the boxes. She also had a lot of fun chasing Caleb around. Now that she is walking she can get him a lot better than when she was crawling. It is harder for him to escape now!

And here is my family. The addition of the children has made the holidays so much fun. I can't wait until there are more running around!
On Saturday we loaded up and headed to Trey's parents house for another round of Christmas. Ella had a great time unwrapping peoples presents for them. Whether they knew she was doing it or not!

And here is the Calhoun family.

I stayed the week and hung out with my Mom and Dad and had a great time. Ella loves my parents and just gets so excited to see them. Trey went back home because he had to work, but he drove up on New Years Eve and we went out with some friends while my parents watched Ella.
We had such a good Christmas and had so much fun with our families. Now I need to get focused on Ella's birthday party!

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The Richardson's said...

Dang! I need that ring! And the furry vest too.....but I'm afraid that due to my overly large height and weight...I bet people would think a giant gorilla escaped in Wichita Falls so I better not try to wear one haha.