Monday, March 29, 2010

A Birthday Party

Saturday afternoon Ella and I headed to Greenville for Aliyah's first birthday party. I met Aliyah's mom, Sarah, in MOPS and really like her and share a lot of the same interests and we both have blonde haired blue eyed cuties around the same age. Here is the birthday girl...isn't she a doll?
Ella however is not one to relinquish the spotlight so she stole Aliyah's chair. Haha! Just kidding, well not really, but Aliyah wasn't interested in sitting in it and we were all just playing games.

Ella is two and a half months older than Aliyah. Please notice the cup Ella is holding, it is hers.

Because as soon as Aliyah found it, it became hers! We couldn't figure out why she was so crazy about it. Her mom went and got her her own, but she still wanted Ella's. Her Dad asked what was in it though and we soon discovered Aliyah had never had juice before and it probably tasted soooo good to her! I mean, I have to refill that thing (so I have four) like 10 times a day.
We got Aliyah a pair of squeaky shoes like Ella's since her Mom loves them. She put the on right away. You can kind of see them here.
They played lots of games and got to play dress up. See the necklace? No, I don't accessorize Ella quite yet. Soon, very soon!

Uh oh! Traffic jam. We had a lot of fun and Ella was just worn out by the time we left. She took a good two and a half hour nap when we got home.

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