Thursday, March 25, 2010


This summer Trey, Ella and I will be going to four weddings. This may seem a lot to some of you; however, two summers ago was wedding season and I do not even remember how many we had (I could if I thought about it, but don't want to). One day we went to three, yes, three in one day. We had friends who went to all three as well so I have witnesses! It was actually a lot of fun because in between the weddings we all got together at one of their houses and hung out and had a few cocktails. I think that is the only was trey managed all three!

With that being said, all I can think of when I get on the computer is dress shopping!! I LOVE dresses. I would wear a dress every day in the summer if it was practical. I also LOVE dressing up. Now that I have Ella, I LOVE dressing her up to. I almost care what she looks like more than me (almost!). And now I get to color coordinate the whole family. Yes, I am one of those women and I am always going to be.

Now, I have a millions dresses. Some of which people at certain weddings have not seen some of them, but don't you feel prettier in a new dress? I do. I will probably wear at least one, maybe two of the dresses I already have, but that means I get to buy at least one, maybe two. I really like this red dress. I don't have a nice fancy red dress. I really am into ruffles all of a sudden too. Is that because I still feel like I am 16? Will I look like I am 16 if I wear ruffles? Well, carrying a 15 month old on my hip will probably help that.
And if I got the red dress, Ella could wear red too. She looks beautiful in red. well, she looks beautiful in anything, but especially red. Blonde hair, blue eyes, red dress...of course! Isn't it cute?

I would not wear this dress, but I would want to! Haha! I really do like it. Although after being pregnant and loosing all of my baby weight, I don't really want a huge bow looking like I am trying to hide a big tummy. I don't have a big tummy, so I don't want to look like it and I think that is EXACTLY what this dress would do.
But wouldn't it be so cute paired with this dress? I do like Ella is more bright colors, but I think this could be so cute. And I love Trey is pink and he doesn't mind wearing it.
This dress is by far my favorite though. I love this dress!!!! Ruffles again. I haven't seen anything for Ella that would match though. And yes, we do have to match!!! =)
It's not like I don't have two months to find something though!


Kendall and Brooks said...

oooh I LOVE the last dress too :)

John~Allie~Emerson~Hank said...

OMG, this post was hilarious! Love the blue and red dress!