Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sunday afternoon I decided to take Ella and take her pictures in the bluebonnets. I have seen quite a few patches of them in our area, but they are all next to busy highways. While I do love a good picture & have done such things as put a baby in a bucket, a basket & on a foyer table, I just can't justify getting out on the side of the highway and putting her life in danger. I just have a fear that some car would loose control and come barrelling towards us. I know, I have lots of somewhat irrational fears now that I am a Mom. I used to not be afraid to do anything and was always up for whatever.

Well, I was in Wichita at my parents house so my Mom and I headed out to the country to look for bluebonnets. And sure enough, we found a great patch mixed with Indian Paintbrush flowers and it was beautiful. And not a car or a highway in sight. There were however two dogs (Boxers) behind a chain link fence that my Mom was very cautious of. (They were about 100 feet away, but that is my mom's fear.) But, I got some precious pictures of my baby girl!She really wanted to pick the flowers and even tried eating a few. She quickly found out they didn't taste very good and would spit them out. And isn't her outfit just perfect? My Mom got it for her.

We had a great time and she really liked it at first. We then decided to see if there might be some taller ones somewhere else. We drove around and found some at a dead end street and got out. Ella was now over it and did not want to stand and definitely did not want to sit in the flowers.

So, what do you do in that situation? Well, her Granny laid down in the flowers and let Ella sit on her and Ella was quite content. I however was dieing laughing! My mom is such a character!!! There just isn't anything she wouldn't do for her babies!

But I did get some more cute pictures!

And Granny got to snuggle with her favorite granddaughter.


Kimberly said...

you got some beautiful pictures!

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Love these pictures!!! I'm the same way with the bluebonnets...still hunting for the perfect patch not next to a highway..guess I'd better get on that huh?! :)

Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, girl!! :) I can tell you're loving your 50. Makes me hope I can get one soon. Love the dof in some of these. That outfit is perfect for the pictures, too. As always- - great job, Joy.