Friday, April 2, 2010

This Little Piggy...

Got painted pink! And have you ever tried to paint a 14 month olds toenails?! Haha! I have never painted her toes before, but I thought it was time! After I got finished she just looked and looked at them. It was so cute! She has her Easter Dress, her matching bow, her purse, and now she has her toenails decorated too. Mommies toenails are painted the same color because, as you know, we like to coordinate!
I called my mom and told her I had painted Ella's toenails and she said "Oh, I have been dieing to paint them!". Now, my mom is not very girlie so for her to say this just made me laugh. Well, they are painted now and maybe the next time we go to Wichita to see her Granny she can paint them then!

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