Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Wednesday morning my MOPS group had an Easter egg hunt. I was a little worried how it would go because this is the first week I started keeping my nephew Hunter and I didn't know how it would go in public with a toddler and a baby. And to my surprise, it went really good and we were only 10 minutes late, but really I am always 10 minutes late (on a good day).

Now this is her first Easter egg hunt, so she didn't get it....and she didn't care to. I would put an egg in her basket and she would take it and throw it. See.

This is what she wanted to do. Eat the mulch. I feed her on a regular basis, but for some reason she tries to eat everything in sight. Mulch, paper, acorns, erasers inside the eggs!

Once we had some it was time to examine them. I got Hunter some eggs and let him play with them. They entertained him for a long time!

Then it was time to play. My friend stole Hunter and was playing with him, so Ella and I could run around.

She loves to slide. She had gone down the slide, then stood up and yelled "Hey Ma!", like look at me I did it!
After about an hour it was time to eat lunch. Melody let Ella sit in her lap and fed her; she was such a help!

Hunter went back in his stroller and chilled with his bottle. This little boy was getting tired. And Ella took one last picture with Mom.

We had a really good time and maybe having a trial run for the egg hunt will help her come Sunday when we get together with the family and hunt for some more eggs. I am sure she will still just want to throw them though and that is fine with me! As long as she is having fun doing it.

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