Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a great Easter! Sunday morning we woke up and headed to church. There was no Sunday school this Sunday, but there were three services. We went to the 9:30 service, which is usually when we are in Sunday school, and it was PACKED!! There was absolutely no where to sit, but we saw some of our friends and Trey went and got us folding chairs. Right about that time here came a bunch of men with the chairs for the 30+ people that were all standing in the balcony.
After church we went to my sister's house to have lunch with the rest of the family. We dressed our kiddos to match and I think it is just the cutest thing! Jennie and I decided we are going to try and do this for all holidays!

The matching part was easy! The taking posing part...not so much!I love that all of their little eyes are looking a different way. Probably because the granny, papa, & other parents that weren't trying to capture the event were all acting as attention getters. These two zoomed in on one person though. Look at those sweet expressions!They got big sacks from their granny and papa filled with goodies. Ella loves to read books & she loves them even more if they sing, so mom gave us a couple. We read them last night and they were a hit. Finally, time to do some egg hunting. Except she doesn't care anything about hunting eggs. Especially if there is a slide around. My sister's backyard looks like a kids dream with power wheels, slides, forts, trampolines, swings & four wheelers. Of course she had to go on a ride. Okay, so she just sat in it and Trey pushed it. She doesn't really get the pedals yet. But she looked cute in it!And she loves to just run!Ella and her granny. You can't tell she loves her can you? Ella is very fond of her granny and wanted her to hold her almost the whole time after lunch. She loves getting to see her grandparents! She gets lots of loving from both of them.

We finally left my sister's house around 5 and headed home. Ella was sacked out in her carseat after about 3 minutes on the road.

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