Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Baby Shower For Hunter

My mom came in town Friday to spend the day with Ella and I and to go to Jennie's second baby shower for Hunter on Saturday. We had a great time and she just loves Ella to death. Friday we went to eat lunch with my brother Kyle at Gloria's Mexican Restaurant. It is so delicious and I love their salsa. Kyle gets off early on Fridays so after we ate we went to World Market so I could finish up my buying for Jennie's present. I am glad he went with us because he knew exactly what Jennie wanted or I would have been wondering around debating on what to get for an hour or so.

Saturday my sister and nephew came over to my house a little before the shower so we could all eat lunch and head over to the shower together. My mom used her new GPS to navigate our way to the shower and I must say it is a handy little invention. ESPECIALLY for my mom who gets lost all the time. What a miracle she didn't this time. Ella and Caleb had a chance to hang out before we left. Caleb just loves "baby Ella" as he calls her and Ella just loves to watch Caleb play. Unfortunately for Caleb, Ella also loves to grab things, including hair.

And she is teething so she likes to chew on things. Anyways, back to the shower. Here are the cute baskets my sister and I got for Jennie. They were filled with lots of goodies!
And here are the letters I made for Hunter's room. I think they turned out so cute and his room is going to be precious.

And here we are ready to head to the shower. Caleb wasn't feeling very good so he and Trey stayed home and played.
Me and my girl.

Jennie had a great shower and got tons of stuff. She has so many outfits for Hunter she will have to change him three times a day just to make sure he wears all of them! My mom got her the cutest mirror and made burp cloths and bought a toy stuffed deer head like this. She got the bear head at the last shower. Aren't these cute? My brother is a bug hunter so they are hanging animal heads on the wall. Not the real kind though, stuffed animals! Hunter is going to be such a boy!

After the shower we all came home and relaxed for a bit and Ella was in serious need of a nap. She did so great at the shower though and lots of people held her and passed her around. She is just such a happy baby it just makes me overjoyed! My mom left with my sister to stay a few nights with her and Trey and I relaxed and watch "New In Town". It was a pretty cute movie, not the great, but good if there is nothing on TV and you have watched all the other movies out that you want to see. We had a great weekend and now we are back to our weekly routines. Can't wait until next weekend. We don't have anything planned, I just love having Trey home all day with us.

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