Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ella's First Food!

Today started like any other typical Sunday. We woke up, went to Sunday school and church, went to WalMart, came home ate lunch, fed Ella...FOOD! Well, not exactly, at least I wouldn't consider it food. Anyways, she ate Rice Cereal! For almost 6 months she has been a strictly breastfed baby. No need for a high chair, no need for bottles, or bibs, all she needed was me.

We got her high chair and put it in the kitchen. Trey had set it up when I was still 8 months pregnant. I think he was 'nesting' because as soon as I got home from my baby shower he started putting all the toys together and pack and play & this high chair. It has been sitting in a closet ever since taking up way more room than the box did. I digress...So, we put Ella in it and offered her her first bite of rice cereal. She spit it out!

She also makes this face, like...what is this and why are you giving it to me???? So, we attempt a second & third bite.

Oooh, she gets mad at me. Gets this out of here!

Then, finally...she decides she likes it.

I was excited to give her her first bite of food, but also sad. This is just another step towards her growing up. I am sure I will be sad when she stops breastfeeding too, especially considering just by doing that I was able to drop all of my baby weight by the time she was 4 weeks old. And I am still loosing weight! I still have another six months of that though. I am excited to see her eat her first bite of 'real' baby food, vegetables. That will come in about a week or two, so be prepared for even more pictures then!

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