Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Little Water Baby

I am loving Summer time! Ella and I have been to the pool on numerous occasions and she just loves it. She kicks those chunky little legs under the water and just smiles and has a great time. Here you can see she is sporting her shades. I mean, what 5 month old doesn't know to accessorize? =)

These are at Trey's parent's pool the last time we were in Wichita. I love this little bathing suite. Unfortunately, it is already a little too small, so we have had to get another one. She is just growing like a weed.

She also has the cutest little turtle floaty that she can relax in. I have more pictures (of course I do) ;) however, they are on one of those waterproof cameras and I haven't taken all of the pictures yet. I am only 12 away though so I imagine I will be able to post them in another week or so.

And while we are on the topic of swimming. I actually managed to find 3 new bathing suites for this summer. I mean, I did just have a baby 5 months ago, but I have already lost all of my baby weight. I had actually lost all of it when Ella was 4 weeks old, but my body changed...a lot. I just don't feel right wearing a bikini with a baby, I don't know. If you are a mom and reading this and you wear a bikini, wear it and flaunt it! I however have chosen to wear one of those monokinis.

This is a picture of one I got at Target. The other 2 are from Target as well, but they didn't have pictures of them online. I am wearing one in the above pictures, but you can't really tell. I feel that these are better than one pieces, I don't feel attractive in a one piece AT ALL, and don't let everything hang out like a bikini. So, I am quite pleased with my selection. And so is Trey!

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Lana Johnson said...

That swim suit is really cute! Your little girl is adorable