Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday's Events

Today was a great day. Trey has been working a lot this week, so it was nice to have a full day together. We woke up around 9, yes, Praise Jesus Ella is a good sleeper, and did nothing for a good while. Then, Trey asked me to cute his hair. Yes, I cut his hair. Can you believe he lets me??? =) I was the one that suggested it because I just could not see him spending the usual $20 on a hair cute when all the girl does is put on a guard to cut the whole bottom half, then use her fingers to cut the top. I can do that! And the first time I cut if we went to Wichita and my mom and his mom both complimented on how good his hair looked...and they didn't know I had done it. My mom made so fun much of me when I told her. Now, would I ever let Trey cut mine, NOPE! I will stick to the professionals, but mine is long so it doesn't count.

After the hair cut Trey cooked some good hamburgers on the grill. Then, we headed off to Hobby Lobby, Kirklands, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Sonic, because I was dieing for a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper..MMMM. (Isn't he such a good husband going all these girly places with me? He did make a remark in Kirkland that he was the only guy there until we saw another fellow pushing a baby stroller with his wife. I am sure they exchanged glances when we weren't looking!)

I was looking for decorative items for our bedroom since it is in the process of getting a makeover. But ya know what, decorating on a budget is not nearly as easy as not having a budget. I will admit, back when I was working I was a big fan of spending money, especially on accessories. Well, those days are long gone, but my taste is still pretty expensive. I managed to pick out the most expensive items, which Trey told me we would not be getting. Oh well. I'll keep looking for now. I would much rather stay home with Ella than buy a $500 cabinet which I would get sick of anyways (it such was pretty though).

And speaking of Ella, you didn't think I could post without going on and on about her, did you? She had a great time shopping. She loves strangers in the stores who show her extra attention, you know my girl like the spotlight! She just smiles and hams it up. She ever did a little motor-boating for one lady! And here are some recent pics of my beautiful baby...enjoy.

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