Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday Fun Day!

We had a nice little Sunday afternoon here at the Calhoun house. We went to church, the service was great and it is nice to see everyone in Sunday school. We have been going here over a year and it seems in that time the Sunday school class has really expanded. The first Sunday we went we were one of three couples there. This Sunday we arrived a little late and there were only 4 seats empty and like 11 couples there. It is nice to see it growing and we really like being around other parents and couples our age.

Well, after church I convinced my hubby to go take some pictures with me at the park behind our house. I mean, all men LOVE taking pictures so it is never hard to get them to do it, right?? They turned out soo good.

My hair was a little blah because of the humidity, but oh well, they are still cute!

Later in the day, we decided it was time to give Ella a taste of her first food from a baby jar, squash. So, we stripped her down (it is much easier to feed a naked baby) and got her ready.

Here it was, the first bite. All the deliciousness of baby food...
and here is her reaction...PRICELESS!
I mean, it really makes you want to eat it doesn't it?

Poor thing! She will be eating squash for the next week, then it will be on to carrots. I can't wait to see those expressions!


Paige said...

Just came across your blog from kellys korner- love the bright pictures! I am about to be a stay at home mom too- hopefully i can get connected through some great blogs like yours!

Susannah said...

Hi! Saw your blog through Kelly's Korner and saw that you live in Dallas. We are moving there in Sept. from AL. Will you please advise me as to what neighborhoods are good and affordable and older in Dallas. Thanks! Susannah

The Wells Family said...

Hi Joy! I stumbled upon your blog the other day looking at someone else's blog! You'll have to check ours Ella is adorable! What church do y'all go to? Well, I look forward to keeping up with the Calhouns through your's addicting isn't is?? Take care!

Brooke said...

Well I wasn’t planning on him being in a walking mood. Plus his daddy was getting him ready for bed so I was just happy he put some pj’s on him. =) O and cute pictures by the way!