Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do They Make Leashes for Babies?

Okay, so I am just kidding (maybe, at least for now!). I wouldn't really put a leash on her. Ella is getting into EVERYTHING. She loves the fireplace, trying to climb on the bar stools, and climbing under the coffee table then trying to sit up! I have provided examples of one...the bar stools. This is after she fell down. (Don't worry, Trey was holding the bar stool so it wouldn't topple over)

She is just sooo funny! I mentioned in one of the last posts that we have jazzed up our guest bathroom. Meaning we got a new light fixture and took down that ugly plate mirror and added a "fancy" one. Well, Trey had the plate mirror in the hall and Ella just LOVED crawling back and forth in front of it and checking herself out. See, she is my daughter!!

She even tried to give herself some sugars, or kisses. Trey and I like to call them sugars because they are just so sweet!

She was diggin' the mirror. She just couldn't figure out who that good lookin' girl was that kept crawling right beside her.
And look what we have here. She is starting to pull up already.

And we had to lower her crib because I was walking in every morning and seeing her sweet little face staring at me over the railing. It sure was a sweet surprise walking in and seeing that. She was just smiling and giggling when I walked in to get her. She is so happy to see me every morning. It is like she hasn't seen me in years! Now you can only see from her nose up.

Once again, trying to climb up on the sofa to get to me. I backed up and took this.
Every age just seems to get more fun. I am sad she is growing up sooo fast, but she is so fun right now! She follows me all around the house and looks so cute crawling. Maybe she will work off a few of those rolls. Although, I am quite partial to them.

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The Veals said...

awww I love the mirror pictures! She's too cute! We need to see her soon. I know how it is Jaina is into everything! and puts everything in her mouth, her new thing is to pull out all the pots and pans from under the sink! It drives me crazy!