Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer's Wedding Weekend - Part 2

As Promised, here is the second part of our big weekend in Wichita...Summer's wedding day! I got to the salon at 2:30 to get my hair put up and Kristen, Haley, Summer & Heather were all there. We had champagne and finger foods while we were getting done up. It took my gal a little over an hour, but it looked perfect, thank Heather! This is the picture I gave her and said do it like this.

And here is the result. I did want it more teased on the top. You know us Texas girls like our hair big! (Sorry the pic is a little blurry, I just had a point a shoot camera, not my good one) This is Kristen and I before the wedding getting ready in the choir room at the church.

Summer was getting ready in the room with us too. It was about an hour before the ceremony and we were about to go outside and take some photos. Her step-mom is in the purple dress by me (the big flash). She walked in and started talking to Summer and started crying, which made Summer cry. Summer looked so sweet trying to hold back her tears and then grabbed a swig of Red Bull and that did the trick.
Luckily the photographer took her pic with the Red Bull. The photographers name is Devon Jones and she is so awesome and sweet. She took our maternity pictures and is going to take some family pictures of us soon! Check her out at

After Summer got it together we headed outside and took this photo. It was soooo hot outside and all of us were sweating, but you have to have good pics for your wedding day & the best pictures are usually outdoors.

We walked across the street into a yard and the owner walked out and checked us out for a little bit before returning to his gardening. Someone told me he was peering over his fence and then they heard a loud commotion and he had fallen backwards! That's what he gets for spying! Haha!

Here is a picture of our bouquets. Summer used the same florist I used, Paula Hill with Designing Spaces. She is just so talented and even comes up with ways to help you save money. Summer used all of our bouquets as centerpieces at the reception.

We returned to the church and hung out in the choir room for an hour before it was time to get the party started. Here is the bride and groom making it official with the rings. Summer had a hard time getting Andrews ring on, but she was bound and determined to jam that baby on!

And here they are...Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Estes.

Then, it was time to head to the reception. Trey went and picked up Ella and she came and hung out with us for about an hour. Here she is all dolled up! She loved the flashing lights and was so curious and looking around at everything. She got a new dress to coordinate with my bridesmaids dress and looked so stinkin' cute.

Here we all are, the three Calhouns. Trey got a new shirt and tie to coordinate with the family as well. I wish he would have remembered to put his suite jacket on for the pic, oh well. I left my camera in my purse in the car and Heather was nice enough to take these pics for us! Thanks Heather!

Heather is all posing and looking cute and I have my head back trying not to let Ella's bow hit me and mess it up, so you can see up my nose. Still a cute pic though.

And here are Beth and Julie my best friends mentioned in the previous post. Beth and her brother Clark sang at the wedding and did such an amazing job. Funny, pretty & talented, can't beat that. Too bad though boys, she is taken. This is her boyfriend Dusty and he is just as funny and random as she is. They make a great couple and I am so ready for them to get married! especially since she said it would be on a beach somewhere, nothing like a wedding with a vacation wrapped into one. This is Allie. She was 30? week pregnant and soo uncomfortable in the dress. (The style of dress was definitely not comfortable for a pregnant gal there were two of them) By the end of the night she had a small tear in the side of her dress and was exhausted and ready to go home.

It was such a pretty wedding and reception and we all had so much fun. Congratulations Andrew & Summer!!

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