Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Dad's Birthday

On Friday morning I woke up early and got ready to head off to Wichita Falls to surprise my Dad for his birthday. My Dad is so crazy about Ella and just loves her so much. He calls all the time, not to ask about how I am doing, but to see what the "chunkster" is up to. He loves his grand baby. Well, a couple of days before his birthday he told my mom he sure wished Ella was there and he sure missed her. So, I decided to drive up and surprise him. Now, anyone who knows my mom knows she is HORRIBLE at keeping secrets. I mean HORRIBLE!!!!! I kept telling her not to tell him, and to my surprise she didn't. Good job mom!

We got to Wichita around 11:40 and Dad was in the shower. A couple of minutes later my Mom heard him getting dressed and took Ella in his bedroom to surprise him. And boy was he shocked! He had no idea! At first he thought my mom was holding a doll until Ella flashed him a big smile. He gave me such a big hug and told me this was the best birthday he had ever had. He never imagined I would come in town. I guess because I don't really like to leave Trey. I felt so good knowing I had made his day. My sister and Caleb also came in town to surprise him. We all went to eat at McBride's Steak House and had such a good day.

When we got back to the house Ella and Caleb played with balloons. Well, Caleb played with them, Ella tried to eat them! Seems everything goes into her mouth immediately. We have to be on guard making sure we don't leave any small objects laying around.

Ella also tried to make friends with Greta. Greta was my toy Pomeranian in college until I went home for the summer for a couple of months and my mom stole her! I am fine with it now because having a baby is enough to keep track of, a dog would just be too much.

Caleb is almost three and he is used to being the only grand baby and only child, so he doesn't like someone else stealing his spotlight. He started crawling like a baby so he could be like Ella since everyone was talking about how cute Ella was when she crawled. But Ella didn't care because just loves to watch him play, she loves big kids.

And speaking of crawling, my little girl is ALL OVER THE PLACE! Long gone are the days of running out of the room really quick to do something. Oh no, because if you do either #1 she will get into something she is not supposed to or #2 she is right on your heels following you or #3 she will start to pull up on some object that is not stable enough for her to pull up on. Luckily she has only done #3 when I am right there to tell her no.

We loaded up and headed back to Dallas Saturday night because I didn't want to miss church on Sunday morning. Ella had a great time in the nursery, I checked on her a few times and each time someone was in the floor playing with her and she looked like she was having fun. I was so happy to see that and it put me a little bit at ease. After church we went to a luncheon for volunteers helping out with the nursery. In the Fall Trey and I will be spending one Sunday a month teaching the 2 year old class. I am not sure if this is a good idea for Trey. I finally convinced him we needed to have three kids, but after a while with a group of two year olds he may change his mind!!!

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