Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Day in Wichita

After a couple of looong days filled with wedding events and being gone from Ella more than in her entire life, Sunday was nice to just hang out with my girl and the grandparents. We also learned something about Ella this weekend...she LOVES dogs! Now, my parents have two labs, one Pomeranian, one chihuahua and one mutt, so needless to say, they love dogs too. The last time we were in town Ella was crawling, but a slower more cautious crawl. This new crawl is full of speed and our little girl has become adventurous and loves to explore new things. She would just chase the dogs and try and get them. She would laugh the whole time she was crawling towards them too. Kind of hard to sneak up on them that way.

My baby also got a little, shall we say clogged up this weekend, so on Sunday my Dad went to the grocery store and picked up some prune baby food and some apple juice. Mom and I thought it would be torture to feed her, but she ate it right up. In fact she loved it. I have been feeding her a jar every day now and she loves them. I must say, it also did the trick too! I am sure she feels much better, and probably lighter after the diapers I have changed.

And look at those two bottom teeth. I have been trying to get a picture of those pearly whites for so long now. It seems like she knows I am aiming for them and shuts her mouth so quick, but those prunes distracted her! I will say though, while the teeth are cute, sometimes they are awfully painful when she is trying to nurse.

A quick nap later and we headed over to the Calhoun household to eat some lunch. This is Ella with her Great Grandmother. What a cute picture this is and how special too. I didn't know any of my great grandparents and definitely never had a photo with any of them. I hope this is just one of many more to come. Nita is such a sweet lady and loves talking decorating and antiques.

This is Ella's Grandmother, Robin. She adores Ella and would eat her up if she could. I am trying to get better at taking more pics of Ella with her relatives. I seem to only take pictures of Ella.

And here she is with her Uncle Shane. I realized after uploading this this is the only picture I have of them together and you can't even see his face. He and his wife Lindsey are having a baby in January and are going to find out soon what they are having. Ella is going to have another cousin. At 7 months old she already has more cousins than I ever did and everyone is still planning on having more kids.
All in all we had a great trip, but I was so ready to get home because I was exhausted. Ella did not sleep very good while we were there, she just knows when she isn't in her own bed. I LOVE spending time with my parents and friends though and it doesn't seem to happen as often as I would like it to. We are back in Dallas now and my sister in law Jennie is about to have Hunter any day now. I am sure that will be my next post and I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HIM!!!

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The Veals said...

I can't believe how much hair Ella has! How cute, Jaina has none whats-so-ever.