Sunday, August 16, 2009

O Weekends, How I Love You!

Okay, so everyday is kind of like a weekend for me considering I don't work. Er...correction...I do work...hard....and unlike other jobs, mine truly is 24/7. So, now that we have that all cleared up, I love weekends! I love them because Trey is off of work, and the past couple of weekends we have done lots of fun things.

Friday night Trey and a group of guys from church went to the Rangers game, so I had all the girls (wives) over to the house for girls night. We ordered pizza and just hung out and talked all night. It was such a great time to just be able to hang around a bunch of girls that are around your age, interested in the same things you are, share the same beliefs and are just such fun girls. Trey and I really love our church and part of the reason are the people in our Sunday School class. We used to go to a different church and never really felt at home, but the first Sunday we went to First Baptist of Rockwall, we fell in love with the preacher and what he had to say, along with our Sunday school teachers and the members of the class.

Okay, back to Friday night. Ella was all ready wearing her 'Queen of the Crib' shirt. I just love this and you know, it's true!

This little guy, Jackson, who is 16 months old came with his momma Jamie.

He and Ella have gone swimming together once earlier this summer. They both were so sweet to each other. I think we may have a future couple. Ella couldn't quite keep up with him though since he is walking and she is crawling. He did get on the floor and crawl with her a couple of times.

However, his bedtime is 8:00, so he was out way before Ella.

And here re the girls. Jamie (Jackson's mom) is holding squirmy Ella. She wouldn't pose for this one.

It was so funny. They all stayed until 11:00 when all of our cell phones rang at once when all of our hubbys called in unison. You know one of the guys said "Oh, hold on, I am going to call my wife" so all the rest of them did too so they wouldn't look bad!

Saturday we headed to Frisco for my sister-in-law, Jennie's, graduation lunch at her favorite Mexican food joint. We got there 25 minutes late because Preston Road has two 4000 blocks, one in Plano and one in Frisco. I mean, come on road numbering people. Most of the time you can weave in and out of Plano and Frisco and not even know which one you are in. Anyways, are we finally arrived we learned we were not the only people who had done this, so it made us feel better. And we were not the latest people either. Jennie got her Masters degree in Nursing and is due with baby Hunter any day now. I can't wait to meet him. I also can't wait till he gets older and he and Ella can play together. I am so glad they only live 30 minutes away. That's practically right down the street in Dallas terms!

Saturday night we decided to give Ella a bath in the kitchen sink because both of our backs hurt and we didn't want to bend over the tub. It worked really well, so I think it may become the permanent bath place for a while. I think Ella likes that we change it up, it gives her new things to explore.

Sunday morning we went to church and heard a great sermon on spending wisely. Who doesn't need a little advice on money now and again? Ella had another good morning in the nursery. I really think putting her in the room with other crawlers has done the trick. It doesn't help though that she usually wakes up at 9:30 and I have to wake her up at 8:00 on Sunday mornings to nurse her and then feed her baby cereal. She is still sleep and doesn't really want to eat and makes it hard. So, you say wake her up every morning at 8:00? NO! Mama likes to sleep in too! I don't want her to go to bed earlier either. Plus, I have tried several times when she doesn't nap good to put her down earlier and it never works. She likes her 10:30 bedtime, it just works.

Then, Sunday night we returned to church for a going away party for one of the couples. Trey and I baked brownies and brought them and Mary brought her AWESOME chicken alfredo!!! I mean, this stuff is tasty. Trey and I LOVE spicy pasta, we always go to Johnny Carinos and get the spicy chicken and shrimp pasta and Trey said he likes Marys better. Luckily, I had talked to her at Sunday school about bringing the recipe with her and she was sweet enough to type it out and bring copies for all the girls! We play pictionary, boys versus girls, and yes, we did win! Wow! The competitiveness of all of us came out.

After a weekend of eating Pizza, brownies, no bake cookies, chicken alfredo and drinking coke, I am going to have to get back on track with going running and working out. I have to wear my bridesmaids dress for Summer's wedding this weekend! I am SOO excited! Trey and I went yesterday and bought Ella a new dress to wear. It is brown, Lime green and turquoise (Summer's colors are an olive green and a dash of lime green, so I really wanted Ella to fit in with the theme). She is going to look adorable, now to get her a big lime green bow! I will have lots of pictures from our weekend!

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