Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guess Who's Moving??

Ella is!!! Or should I say, Ella did. For a while now I have been questioning why we put our sweet little girl in the smallest bedroom in our 4 bedroom house. Now, she can't have the master...I love her to pieces, but that's mine. Well, the second largest room is 14-1/2' x 14-1/2' a good size for a guest bedroom, the second is 12' x 13', the third is 10-1/2' x 11' (clearly the smallest by a good amount). And where did we decide Ella should live? Yep, in that small little room. I blame it on the pregnancy brain!

So, I decided to do something about it. I talked to my sweet hubby and told him I wanted to switch the office and her bedroom, which would put her in the largest guest bedroom. I told him I would go buy the paint and paint it myself if he would just give his blessing. Well, not only did he give his blessing, he said if I would go pick up the paint and tape off the room, he would do the rest. What an amazing husband he is!!! Well, about 15 minutes after I received his blessing I was off to Home Depot (I don't waste any time and once I get my mind set to doing something I can think of nothing else).

You can see her old nursery here and here is her new nursery.

I have a few models in this picture...

And now we even have room to keep Ella's cradle that her grandfather made for her. It is so beautiful and something we will always cherish. He spent 5 months making this!

Just a few bows.

And her new closet. I thought the other one would be better, but I like this one way more.

And the poor girl doesn't own any clothes.

So, what do you think? Do you like the old one or the new one? My mom likes the old one better because she is just not a girly girl and does NOT like pink. My mother in law loves the new one so much more. I love the size of the new one, especially now that Ella is crawling. We have more room to play.

And while I am at it. I caught this adorable picture. I was taking these around bath time and our routine is bath, lotion, clothes, read. Her daddy does all of it too! She and I have our special wake up routine, so I thought he should have a going to bed routine with her. He is so awesome. These two just make my heart melt!


Amanda said...

I love the pink! So pretty - you are so talented!

The Killough's said...

That is hard! I really like them both!! Amanda is right, you really are talented!!