Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cooler Temperatures

With today's cooler temperatures I came to the realization that I need to go shopping! For the past three years I have been a working woman and have tons of cute dress pants, suits, dresses, skirts, just lots and lots of dressy work clothes. And I really had to dress up and look nice, so it is not just business attire, but dressy business attire. In other words, not appropriate to wear to the grocery store or to a play date. I just don't think it would be easy for me to keep up with Ella wearing 4" stilettos.

Not only do I have a lot of work clothes, but a lot of 'going out' clothes. Shirts that are too low cut for a mom to wear. I need to take them somewhere I can sell them because I used to be a big fan of only wearing a 'going out' shirt out once. If people saw me wearing it, that was it, I never wore it again and I had to have something new for the next Saturday that rolled around. And I usually paid at least $65 or $70 dollars just for one shirt. Not to mention the occasional shirt I would find that was just so cute I had to have it even though it was wayyy to expensive for such little material. Some 21 year old girl would have a BLAST going through my guest bedroom closet full of such shirts, some still with price tags.

I also realized I have NO short sleeve casual shirts. Sleeveless, yes...long sleeves, yes...but no shot sleeve casual shirts for fall. So, tomorrow I think Ella and I will be hitting up a few stores in search of some mom appropriate, weather appropriate clothing. And shoes. I also need new shoes. Which reminds me, I got a $20 off coupon from DSW that I could put to good use!

Ella already has a whole new fall wardrobe and I can't wait for her to make her appearance in her new outfits. I LOVE them. We are supposed to be having pictures made soon, so I bought two outfits for them and they are sooo cute!

And this picture is from last weekend when my parents came in town to see Hunter. Ella enjoyed laying on my Dad and my Dad loved every minute of it. She is such a good baby and just has the best personality.

My mom, Jennie, and I also went and got Ella and Hunter's Halloween costumes while they were in town. We tried it on Ella to make sure it fit and she looks SOOO cute! My sister and sister-in-law and I will take the kiddos out to the Arboretum soon with their costumes on to take pictures and I will post those. I can't wait!

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Ms. Sutton said...

If your interested in selling some clothes.. I would def like to come shopping in your closet.. I just had a baby and havent botten anything but maternity clothes for the past 9 months and although I and a mom too.. Im single again.. So I need some "going out clothes and since i work for an oil and gas company Im always in need of more professional office attire.. Please feel free to txt or call me 940-733-5861.. Casie Sutton.