Friday, September 4, 2009


I am a lover of all things creative. I have a degree in interior design from Texas Tech. I worked at a high end residential interior design firm designing homes. I tweaked blue prints, drew architectural drawings, custom designed kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, bedding and drapery. Designed and drew custom tile details and made selections. I had a blast! I usually had great budgets to work with and really enjoyed the architectural details, but I loved the furniture & accessories just as much. Here is a kitchen I worked on.
Here is a kitchen I designed and the drawing I drew. It is hard to see, I know. This is a Tuscan style kitchen. It is a custom design with a custom leaded glass detail in the upper cabinets. I selected the stain for the cabinets as well as the granite.

I have continued to do freelance work as a designer and have really enjoyed the projects I have worked on. It has given me a chance to continue to be involved in design, but has not consumed my life. Ella is my full time job and gets all of my attention and I want it this way. However, from time to time I have really enjoyed using my brain to create and design.

As part of my degree I learned to use Photoshop, which is an image editing program. It is not, mmm...easy to use. The majority of professional photographers use it when editing their photos. I also had to take photography in college, but I went one step further and decided to study photography in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo De' Medici Art Institute of Florence. We went to the Tuscan country side and lived in an old castle and took pictures all day and developed our own film at night (and also drank a little wine!). Here I am in Florence.

When Ella was born, we invested in a nice digital SLR camera and I have taken all of her photographs. The only time I use a photographer is to take family pictures. So, I was looking at a photographer's website tonight and thinking to myself...I can do fact, I could do better than this.

Now, I don't want to photograph weddings, or spend my weekends and all of my free time photographing people, but I think I might want to do families and especially children, but most of all BABIES!!!

Here is a picture I took of Trey and Ella and just a few of the ways I have changes the colors, texture, highlights and shadows.

So, any takers? Anyone want some cute photos taken by yours truly?

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