Monday, September 28, 2009

Dinner with the Joneses

Friday afternoon I got a call from my brother asking us if we wanted to come over for dinner. So, after Trey got home we headed over to their house. I had some delicious steak with a huge baked potato, and a piece of chocolate silk ice cream pie. Wait, aren't I trying to loose weight? Hmm, good thing the weather is nice and Ella and I have been going jogging every morning.

After dinner, Ella played with Jennie and Kyle. Kyle was wearing a hat; however, if you are wearing a hat, glasses, necklace, or earrings Ella feels as if she must have them and will make every attempt to make it hers she gets. Boy this hat sure is interesting. I am starting to wonder why we buy her toys because really her favorite things are things we already had long before we had a (especially shoestrings), cardboard boxes, cups, rugs, basically anything left on the floor or within arms length.

She doesn't mind the bows I put on her too much, sometimes, but she really doesn't like wearing hats. Maybe if we told her it was a Texas Tech hat she would have been more willing to wear it. Or maybe she is just like her momma and likes to look very girlie, so hats just aren't her thing. =)
While Ella was discovering the new world of hats, this is what I was doing.

Awww! Baby! Hunter was fast asleep and oh so comfortable on his Aunt Joy. Look at that little face! And no, I don't mean mine with my one crazy eye! We stayed this way for about 30 minutes until it was time for us to head home.

I love babies and when Ella was this age (4 weeks) I would have told you it doesn't get much better than this. But I was wrong, it does. Hearing her laugh and crawl towards you and put her arms up for you to hold her just melts my heart. I can't wait for Hunter to get older and play with Ella. His parents however are learning that time flies when you have a newborn and are wanting it to slow down. I know they are going to love all the milestones that lie ahead for them too.

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April said...

Doesn't seem so long ago that your little Ella was THAT tiny??

I feel like a moron, but I am searching for your name somewhere on your blog :) I am giving your blog an award and I can't find your first name anywhere. I will post you as The Three Calhouns, and if you feel comfortable sending me your first name, I will change it :)