Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Two Year Anniversary

Yesterday was our two year anniversary! I cooked spicy Creole chicken and shrimp pasta with garlic bread and wine. We used our wedding china and crystal and sat in the dining room, which we usually only do on holidays and family functions. Trey and I both got each other cards and our present to each other is family photos, which we are taking on September 9th.

We are both the kind of people that when we want something, we get it. So, presents are hard to buy because both of us really already have everything we want. Well, not true. I want:

1. A new car

2. a new kitchen with granite counter tops and all stainless steel appliances (yes, our house is only two years old so really I should live with it because it is perfectly acceptable and some would even say nice, but a girl can dream can't she?) =)

3. New hand scrapped wood floors

4. granite counter tops in the bathrooms

And yes, the list goes on. These items though are all in the $30,000 + range and, well, umm, we are in more of the $200 range! =) So, the pictures fall right in place!

One of my favorite photographers from Wichita is going to be in Dallas so we are meeting her and will spend about an hour with her. The first time she took our pictures was for our maternity shoot. Here are a few of my favorite pics.

It was such a nice dinner at home with my husband and our sweet baby, I couldn't have asked for anything more (except a new kitchen!). Here are a few things I have learned in the first two years of marriage:

1. Unlike what my mom and dad say, I am not the most stubborn person ever. Trey is my even match!

2. Always ask your husband before you spend a lot of money if you can. You are going to do it anyways, but ask him so he feels like he is in charge.

3. Sometimes it really is best just to say you are sorry and move on, even though you know you are right.

4. Sometimes, someone with no previous experience with children at all, turns out to be one of the most amazing dads you have ever come across.

5. The day I married him I thought was the happiest day of my life and I loved him so much, but I love him so much more now than I ever did!

6. Finally, having a baby does not strengthen a marriage, but it does make an already fun marriage even more fun.

Which brings me to my next photo. Trey, Ella and I went back behind our house to take some pictures. This is Ella crawling on my wedding dress with the pearl and crystal hair accessory I wore on my wedding day in her hair. I am going to make this a tradition and do it every day on our anniversary.

We had already taken numerous photos before taking these, so she wasn't really feeling it. However, she was diggin' the ones we took before these and I will post those in the next few days.

So, all in all, we had a great two year anniversary and I am looking forward to many many more to come.

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