Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall-orizing Our House

Yes, I know that is not a word, but I like it. This morning I woke up with a feeling that I needed to Fall-orize our house. Last year at the time I was tired and pregnant and didn't really decorate for Fall and sort of decorated for Christmas, but this year I have decided to do more.

I love Fall and I love Fall colors. So, this morning Trey and I headed to the store to look for a wreath. Well, I didn't want to pay $150 for one, so I decided to make my own. Now, I was prepared for this to turn out really good, or really bad. I am good at painting, accessories and staging and everything in between, but I have never made a wreath. They kind of scare me, they have just always looked hard.

I got the circle thangy made of twigs and laid it on the ground in the store so I could arrange things on it and see how they looked. I am pretty sure this embarrassed Trey because he kept telling me to pick it up. 5 or so minutes later (okay, so really more like 30) I decided I had enough and bought everything and headed home.

Trey cooked hamburgers on the grill and Ella jumped in her jumper outside while I attempted to make a wreath. And here it is...

I love feathers and berries, I used both in my wedding flowers, so viola. The leaves have an iridescent gold shimmer on them that look really pretty. I am so excited I love it.

Next we are planting Mums in our flower bed and then on to more Fall accessories for the house. I really want to do a cool centerpiece for my dining room table, I am just not sure what I want yet. I will brainstorm and obsess about it though until I do, because that is what I do. I think Trey gets a little scared now every time I start a sentence with..."I have an idea!".


John~Allie~Emerson~Hank said...

The wreath is cute, you are so crafty!!

April said...

Stylish wreath! LOL That's one thing we didn't get to in the past, changing up the decorations for the seasons.

I know I posted a long comment on one of your posts a few days ago, but can't find which one it was. LOL We have a lot in common (or so I noticed by reading a few of your recent posts). stop by and say hi sometime! :)

April said...

You know, sometimes this comment system can be a bit messy. I bet it was a situation where I thought it posted, but it rejected my comment for some reason. Sorry about that!

I had noticed alot of similarities in our lives :) We both left upscale career for the priviledge of staying at home with our children. I was a senior hair stylist at a high end salon in Milwaukee, WI. We just celebrated our 2 year on Sept 15th, a week after yours :) Your adorable little Ella is a few months younger than my son (11 months) but we're both first time mommy. I am 25, you definitely look like you're in your early 20s :) And I loved your maternity photos! I can definitely see why you adored your photographer!