Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ella's Grandparents

Since Hunter was being born in Dallas and my parents live in Wichita Falls, they came to stay at my house for three days. They got here Thursday as mentioned in the previous post and from the moment they walked in the door they began loving on Ella. I love my parents so much and they mean the world to me, and I love Ella with all of my heart, so seeing them all together just makes me so happy. My Dad calls Ella the "Chunkster" and loves saying that "She has more rolls than Mrs. Baird's Bread". In fact, he told two nurses at the hospital that after they stopped to comment on how cute Ella was.

When we went to the hospital my Dad was so funny. He wanted to ride in the backseat with Ella and he talked to her and played with her the whole way. He also wanted to push the stroller once we got there.

I tried at one point to push her, but was quickly brushed aside so he could resume his duties. She liked him pushing because he popped wheelies.

Friday night my mom fed Ella her Prunes and she ate so good. She has been great about opening her mouth and keeping it open for me to get the spoon in and really doesn't make a mess. Mom hasn't fed a baby in a while, but she did a good job. She got a little on Ella, but oh well, bath time was up next.

We have been bathing her in the sink for the time being. She has a pink duck bath tub, but she is SOOO active right now and wants to stand up and grab things, the sink just works better. Plus, she loves the little sprayer.

After bath time Mom was letting Ella enjoy being naked before putting on her pajamas. Luckily, she did not get peed on. I speak from experience!

I don't remember what Ella was doing, but it was making Mom laugh so hard she was crying.

Saturday we all went to my sister, Corey's, house for Caleb's 3rd birthday.

Caleb had a big blow up bounce house and there were quite a few little kiddos running around. It was such a good birthday party for a little boy and it helped them get some of their energy out. Although they seemed to have an enormous amount of it. Mom had a good time going down the slide with the other kids.

And Ella and I had a good time watching her.
They had to give her hugs and kisses before they left to head back to Wichita.

I had such a good time with them. We went out to eat and hung out and talked. Mom and I made each other laugh so hard over dinner we were both crying! She really is one of my best friends and I know she will always be there. I love the relationship we have and I hope and pray that Ella and I have such a close relationship. My Mom and Dad are such great examples to Trey and I. And they love their Ella so much and just light up when she is around.

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