Thursday, September 3, 2009

Master Bedroom Almost Complete

Remember this post when we were doing tours of our master bedrooms on Kelly's Korner? Well, we were in the process of buying new items for our bedroom, so I posted what it was going to look like. Well, it has been almost finished now for maybe a month? I was having the girls from church over and used that as the spark I needed to light the fire under me and get going.

Now, I am only showing the bed and window wall because I still haven't decided what to do on the two opposite walls. We have our armoire that houses our TV and such on the wall across from the bed, but I can't decide what I want to do opposite of the armiore and on the adjacent wall. I think I want an awesome piece of modern art and I want to frame it in a thick chunky gold frame for the contradiction between the two, but I have only found art that I like for around $500 and as often as I like to change...I am not about to spend that! I love the relationship between traditional and modern though.

So, here it is now...almost finished. (Yes, I do notice the pictures are crooked, oh well, too late now!)

I bought a new lamp from Pier One that I got 50% off! New dupioni silk curtains that I got 50% off! Three new picture frames above the bed, yep, you guessed it, 50% off! And the bedding was 50% off to from Dillards. I used to NEVER be a bargain shopper. In fact, if I even saw a 'Sale' sign, I wouldn't even look in that area because that meant it was not the latest and the greatest in my opinion. Well, things have changes and the 'Sale' sign is my new best friend when it comes to shopping. Trey is so happy I have changed my way of thinking. It took me a long time to decide on the three pictures to frame of Ella. I knew I wanted them to be black and white, but I was so torn between about 20 different poses. Well, Trey picked his favorite one, which is this one. He said it always makes him smile to see this. Ella is just soooo happy in this picture. (sorry about the glare!) Which reminds me, we need a new ceiling fan in here! This is one of my favorite ones. This is the outfit we dedicated her to the Lord in, so it will always be special and will always remind me how Trey and I want to raise her.

This is my Dad and Mom's favorite picture. Ella just look precious and her Dad and her have their night time routine where they spend time just the two of them. I think it is so special that he loves and cares for her so much. He is definitely a hands-on-Dad.

The next thing on my house project list was to get rid of the ugly plate mirror in the guest bathroom and replace it with a pretty decorative mirror. Since we were doing that I also decided to get rid of the ugly strip vanity light and replace it with a prettier one. Old version of light & mirror shown on this post and here is the new mirror and light.

Ahhh! Much better. Next step will probably be a new faucet. I would LOVE to get granite counter tops in here, but there are a few smaller scale items on the list I need to tackle first. Like new decorative mirrors in the master bath.

So, stay tuned. Maybe I will tackle a few more home projects in the weeks to come. Oh yeah, I showed pictures of Ella's room after she moved from the brown room into the pink room, but I never showed you what we did in the brown room. If I am not lazy I will post those pictures promises though. I am frying chicken to take to Jennie and Kyle tomorrow for dinner, so most likely you will get to see more pictures of Hunter! That is more fun baby pics are PRECIOUS!

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